11:55 AM 06/18/17      Barrel Race America, Version 12.6               Page 1   
         Copyright (C) 2004-2016 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
                Producer: 1158 Sheri Yeager, Show Date: 06/16/17                
                   Contact:  Sheri Yeager, NBHA MT5 Director                    
                      Location: Majestic Valley Arena, ,                        
                      ACBRA NBHA 4D Jackpot in Friday Open                   
Paying to  5 placings, Jackpot Total = $  2688.00, Rider count = 96          
     1D Time = 15.929, Placings = 20, Pool = $  940.80                       
     2D Time = 16.429, Placings = 16, Pool = $  806.40                       
     3D Time = 16.929, Placings = 24, Pool = $  537.60                       
     4D Time = 17.929, Placings = 15, Pool = $  403.20                       
                     Not Placed = 21                                         
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 15.929 $282.00              Heidi Schmid on Streakin Corona           
   2nd 15.981 $235.00              Cherrish Olson on TS A Royal Frost        
   3rd 16.004 $188.00              Tammy Carpenter on Specially Oakie (Bubbl 
   4th 16.013 $141.00              Tamara Zaugg on Cash's Redman             
   5th 16.015 $ 94.00              Lexi Bagnell on Fired up Ta B Famous      
   6th 16.023                      Diane McLean on Streaky Lynx              
   7th 16.029                      Dawn Halstead on One D Dash               
   8th 16.119                      Lexi Bagnell on Cooters Lil Oakie         
   9th 16.133                      Jessi Wilcox on A Genuine Smoke           
  10th 16.146                      Hallie Sohr on Joey                       
  11th 16.163                      Tamara Barnhart on Jets Shiner            
  12th 16.177                      Kim Norman on Kisses                      
  13th 16.232                      Tammy Hamilton on Jus Sizzler Man         
  14th 16.286                      Mandy Potts-Messer on What About Playin   
  15th 16.294                      Caitlin Pighin on Joaks Legacy            
  16th 16.310                      Yvette Vega on Tule River Champ           
  17th 16.355                      Bobbie Reeves on Gay Bar Whiskey          
  18th 16.366                      Kim Norman on Foxy                        
  19th 16.390                      Julie Brown on Peppys Magic Mocha         
  20th 16.419                      Rachel Ward on Love My Bug                
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 16.464 $242.00              Kristi Horner on Snowbound Flyer          
   2nd 16.473 $202.00              Nan Potts on Oakies Lil Annie             
   3rd 16.546 $161.00              Kassi Knodel on Pete's Lil Miss Pistol    
   4th 16.562 $121.00              Regina Taylor on Snarky Bar Dandy         
   5th 16.608 $ 81.00              Raecille Chambers on Dox Jet Pilot        
   6th 16.613                      Tami Moyer on NBC Royal Dasher            
   7th 16.642                      Rae Lynn Hays on Zans Echol Pine          
   8th 16.674                      Julie Lenior on Genuine Profits           
   9th 16.727                      Crystal Dale on Dats Dox Cooper           
  10th 16.737                      Sheila Manley on Im Easy on the Money     
  11th 16.768                      Bailey Johnson on Mr JB 099               
  12th 16.781                      Crystal Dale on Dox Dat Diva              
  13th 16.786                      Yvonne Yorgenson on Upper Income          
  14th 16.849                      Cheyanne Morrison on Whiz Of Sallee Rose  
  15th 16.896                      Jane Leatherberry on Missin Pistols       
11:55 AM 06/18/17      Barrel Race America, Version 12.6               Page 2   
                      ACBRA NBHA 4D Jackpot in Friday Open                   
  16th 16.923                      Carol Jones on Dods A Queen               
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 16.934 $161.00              Charlene Coyne on Babee Zippo Laura       
   2nd 16.965 $134.00              Wendy McCaffree on Fast Eddie Bug         
   3rd 16.983 $108.00              Ally Franklin on Reflection               
   4th 16.992 $ 81.00              Janet Erickson on Icon                    
   5th 17.155 $ 54.00              Tarolyn West on Poco                      
   6th 17.156                      Allison Darrow on Colonel's Playing Poker 
   7th 17.174                      Lara Grover on Bubbles                    
   8th 17.198                      Megan Tutvedt on Peppy                    
   9th 17.210                      Josie Jakeway on Tango                    
  10th 17.261                      Mandy Miessner on Archy                   
  11th 17.297                      Rae Lynn Hays on Digger                   
  12th 17.321                      Jessica London on Bear Creek Brown        
  13th 17.363                      Amanda Brookwell on Timeless Perfection   
  14th 17.368                      Barbara Bessette on She's A Special Cisco 
  15th 17.374                      Carissa Stoner on Abby                    
  16th 17.375                      Sherry Flink on HR Prime Time             
  17th 17.389                      Carli Starke on Sparkin Kirk              
  18th 17.449                      Ashley Coyne on Star                      
  19th 17.507                      Sheila Manley on Perks Avenger            
  20th 17.531                      Shae Anderson on Patty                    
  21st 17.622                      Brooke Wilson on Moves Easy with Wiskey   
  22nd 17.671                      Meagan McDonald on Grim                   
  23rd 17.835                      Kim Mahon on LS Sunday Surprise           
  24th 17.888                      Ireland Root on Zoe                       
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 18.240 $121.00              Lindsay Lowe on BPH Just My Luck          
   2nd 18.242 $101.00              Dallas Heine on Famous Lady Gaga          
   3rd 18.299 $ 81.00              Brooke Wilson on RBR Bobcat               
   4th 18.389 $ 60.00              Tamara Barnhart on A Dash of Doc Bar      
   5th 18.402 $ 40.00              Ashley Coyne on Saphire                   
   6th 18.438                      Sharon Guenzler on Miss Sadies Command    
   7th 18.450                      Jolene Burke on Peppys Decked Out         
   8th 18.476                      Kristi Dixon on Fender                    
   9th 18.511                      Sherry Flink on TS Going to Vegas "Tuff"  
  10th 19.014                      Ardythe Bessette on Spring Time Profit    
  11th 19.023                      Karla Barnes on Buddy                     
  12th 19.084                      Deb Kopak on Doc Dunnits                  
  13th 19.164                      Susan Ryan on Zanc                        
  14th 19.777                      Mariah Bradstreet on Deltas Montana Badge 
  15th 20.715                      Brittania Pighin on Frenchman's Beea Lady 
N/T    915.902                     Brandon Pigott on Kambert                 
N/T    916.076                     Sarah Crimmins on TS Sunnymademefamous    
N/T    916.208                     Hailey Weible on Cricket                  
N/T    916.235                     Emily Keefer on Just Look Quix            
N/T    916.248                     Kassi Knodel on Cut Me Some Whiskey       
N/T    916.481                     Paige Leavitt on Mozz                     
11:55 AM 06/18/17      Barrel Race America, Version 12.6               Page 3   
                      ACBRA NBHA 4D Jackpot in Friday Open                   
N/T    916.577                     Mikayla Hall on Monkey                    
N/T    916.704                     Sharlyn Reed-Hertz on Rare Irish Cream    
N/T    916.760                     Tammy Carpenter on Maybe                  
N/T    916.905                     Kim Albertoni on Mr Salty Reed            
N/T    916.917                     Randi Brown on Reo April's Fool           
N/T    917.040                     Jolene Burke on Bobcat Baby (Lola)        
N/T    917.102                     Megan Tutvedt on SH Cash in Your Perks    
N/T    917.104                     Yvette Vega on Alfana Starlight           
N/T    917.211                     Shaleen Eash on This Day is Fine          
N/T    917.278                     Virginia Grasser on Go See Star Wars      
N/T    917.279                     Devi Knutson on Tas Ima Sugar Gilo        
N/T    917.551                     Julie Brown on Skeets Olena               
N/T    917.919                     Tristin Wadsworth on Sierra's Rickashay   
N/T    920.198                     Ireland Root on Salty's Dash 4 Perks      
N/T    999.999                     Laurie Turner on Colonel Buck Oak