12:04 PM 06/18/17      Barrel Race America, Version 12.6               Page 1   
         Copyright (C) 2004-2016 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
          Producer: 1158 Sheri  Yeager, NBHA MT5, Show Date: 06/17/17           
                             Contact:  Sheri Yeager                             
                 Location: Majestic Valley Arena, Kalispell, MT                 
                 ACBRA NBHA 4D Jackpot in Saturday Open Race 2               
Paying to  8 placings, Jackpot Total = $  6852.00, Rider count = 152         
     1D Time = 15.605, Placings = 19, Pool = $ 2398.20                       
     2D Time = 16.105, Placings = 40, Pool = $ 2055.60                       
     3D Time = 16.605, Placings = 42, Pool = $ 1370.40                       
     4D Time = 17.605, Placings = 26, Pool = $ 1027.80                       
                     Not Placed = 25                                         
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 15.605 $576.00              Allison Darrow on Serendox Page Turner    
   2nd 15.714 $432.00              Brooke Wilson on RBR Bobcat               
   3rd 15.725 $360.00              Sarah Crimmins on TS Sunnymademefamous    
   4th 15.732 $288.00              Tammy Carpenter on PC Sun Streaks         
   5th 15.739 $240.00              Emily Keefer on Just Look Quix            
   6th 15.754 $192.00              Diane McLean on Streaky Lynx              
   7th 15.781 $168.00              Brandon Pigott on Kambert                 
   8th 15.804 $144.00              Lisa Lee on Cuttin the Deuces             
   9th 15.811                      Jessi Wilcox on A Genuine Smoke           
  10th 15.824                      Kelsey Trexler on Seven Eleven Player     
  11th 15.825                      Dawn Halstead on One D Dash               
  12th 15.868                      Kassi Knodel on Cut Me Some Whiskey       
  13th 15.921                      Jessi Wilcox on Slidin by a Star          
  14th 15.924                      Kim Norman on Foxy                        
  15th 15.969                      Jamie Harberts on Miss Blitz Cash         
  16th 15.971                      Kim Norman on Lipps Red Hot Kisses        
  17th 15.978                      Heidi Schmid on Streakin Corona           
  18th 16.040                      Yvette Vega on Tule River Champ           
  19th 16.095                      Kristi Horner on Snowbound Flyer          
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 16.111 $493.00              Mikayla Hall on Dashing Jet               
   2nd 16.116 $370.00              Morgan Tucker on Rolex                    
   3rd 16.127 $308.00              Effie Clairmont on Smart Tag              
   4th 16.157 $247.00              Ashley Sudan on Duallers Queen            
   5th 16.161 $206.00              Carol Jones on Dods A Queen               
   6th 16.162 $164.00              Brooke Wilson on Mia Special Lynx         
   7th 16.164 $144.00              Rachel Ward on Love My Bug                
   8th 16.171 $123.00              Jamie Harberts on Fredie Smoke Olena      
   9th 16.176                      Daniella Monger on Crystals Got Class     
  10th 16.179                      Hallie Sohr on Joey                       
  11th 16.241                      Jessi Edward on Jethro Wee Icicle         
  12th 16.244                      Mandy Potts-Messer on What About Playin   
  13th 16.254                      Sarah Crimmins on Miss Sadies Command     
  14th 16.258                      Rachel Ward on Special Alls Bug           
  15th 16.283                      Ashley Sudan on Lynx Success              
  16th 16.310                      Iriey Anderson on Just Turning for Cash   
12:04 PM 06/18/17      Barrel Race America, Version 12.6               Page 2   
                 ACBRA NBHA 4D Jackpot in Saturday Open Race 2               
  17th 16.311                      Rachael Luckow on Imalive with Firewater  
  18th 16.318                      Regina Taylor on Snarky Bar Dandy         
Tie    16.318                      Tamara Zaugg on Cash's Redman             
  20th 16.320                      Tammy Hamilton on Jus Sizzler Man         
  21st 16.341                      Rae Lynn Hays on Zans Echol Pine          
  22nd 16.346                      Kelsey Gillin on Ginger                   
  23rd 16.349                      Terry Parsons on Midnite Starlite "Haylie 
  24th 16.353                      Janet Erickson on Icon                    
  25th 16.356                      Carissa Stoner on Dash Ta Profits "Dasher 
  26th 16.357                      Sheila Manley on Perks Avenger            
  27th 16.378                      Cadence Schweigert on Ryons Royal Glory   
  28th 16.414                      Crystal Dale on Dats Dox Cooper           
  29th 16.429                      Iriey Anderson on LF Ropin Fast Cash      
  30th 16.439                      Julie Heaton on Mossbar sting             
  31st 16.448                      Brittania Pighin on Bee in my Beer        
  32nd 16.456                      Nicole Owen on Dox Alota Love             
  33rd 16.480                      Yvette Vega on Alfana Starlight           
  34th 16.487                      Julie Lenior on Genuine Profits           
  35th 16.496                      Charlene Coyne on Babee Zippo Laura       
  36th 16.513                      Tarolyn West on Poco                      
  37th 16.557                      Paige Leavitt on Mozz                     
  38th 16.564                      Abbey Johnson on Maggie                   
  39th 16.565                      Nan Potts on Oakies Lil Annie             
  40th 16.601                      Ireland Root on Zoe                       
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 16.629 $329.00              Jessica London on Bear Creek Brown        
   2nd 16.709 $247.00              Raecille Chambers on Dox Talkin Sweet     
   3rd 16.713 $206.00              Alexandra Dagnoli on Dashin Alexandra     
   4th 16.723 $164.00              Josie Anderson on Skip to a Golden Jewel  
   5th 16.749 $137.00              Sharon Guenzler on Miss Sadies Command    
   6th 16.768 $103.00              Josey Wilcox on BNH Crimson Feature       
Tie    16.768 $103.00              Kassi Knodel on Pete's Lil Miss Pistol    
   8th 16.778 $ 82.00              Cheyanne Morrison on Whiz Of Salle Rose   
   9th 16.782                      Joyce Owen on Talking Sassy               
  10th 16.798                      Shae Anderson on Patty                    
  11th 16.800                      Bobbie Reeves on Gay Bar Whiskey          
  12th 16.801                      Tamara Barnhart on A Dash of Doc Bar      
  13th 16.805                      Lara Grover on SD Smokin Warrior          
  14th 16.807                      Sherry Flink on HR Prime Time             
  15th 16.814                      Lisa Milliron on Caladash Boogie          
  16th 16.869                      Julie Brown on Skeets Olena               
  17th 16.875                      Sharlyn Reed-Hertz on Rare Irish Cream    
  18th 16.900                      Ashley Coyne on Star                      
  19th 16.913                      Shelby Robinson on Montana's Dally N Roun 
  20th 16.915                      Wendy McCaffree on Fast Eddie Bug         
  21st 16.939                      Yvonne Yorgenson on Upper Income          
  22nd 16.946                      Jane Leatherberry on Missin Pistols       
  23rd 16.975                      Crystal Dale on Dox Dat Diva              
  24th 16.982                      Jessie Salter on Miss Cashing Cash        
12:04 PM 06/18/17      Barrel Race America, Version 12.6               Page 3   
                 ACBRA NBHA 4D Jackpot in Saturday Open Race 2               
  25th 16.996                      Jessica Creech on Sweet Diamond Sun       
  26th 17.045                      Bobbie Reeves on Silk N Profits           
  27th 17.107                      Ally Franklin on Reflection               
  28th 17.113                      Barbara Bessette on She's A Special Cisco 
  29th 17.120                      MacKenzie Dubois on Miss Burnt Oak        
  30th 17.126                      Ginny Schuler on Shes A Rare Ace          
  31st 17.129                      Iriey Anderson on Lucky Irish Blue Jeans  
  32nd 17.190                      Addie Anderson on Cowboy                  
  33rd 17.237                      Dallas Heine on Famous Lady Gaga          
  34th 17.247                      Carissa Stoner on Abby                    
  35th 17.256                      Mandy Miessner on Archy                   
  36th 17.289                      Lauren Fredenberg on Codys Hot Spark      
  37th 17.371                      Amanda Brookwell on Timeless Perfection   
  38th 17.398                      Kayci Maher on Eclipse                    
  39th 17.488                      Megan Tutvedt on SH Cash in Your Perks    
  40th 17.515                      Jolene Burke on Peppys Decked Out         
  41st 17.519                      Josie Anderson on Pesos Peppy Josie       
  42nd 17.522                      Kelsey Gillin on Ruby                     
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 17.680 $247.00              Ashley Anderson on Pistol Pack N Leroy Ac 
   2nd 17.731 $185.00              Melissa Loomis on Watch the Blurr         
   3rd 17.747 $154.00              Kim Mahon on LS Sunday Surprise           
   4th 17.760 $123.00              Sherry Flink on TS Going to Vegas "Tuff"  
   5th 17.891 $103.00              Carli Starke on Sparkin Kirk              
   6th 17.892 $ 82.00              Stacia Stevens on Obseenjesstore          
   7th 17.895 $ 72.00              Jessica Robertson on Red Eye Boggie       
   8th 17.941 $ 62.00              Carrie Dickey on Katie Colours            
   9th 18.002                      Ardythe Bessette on Spring Time Profit    
  10th 18.124                      Brittania Pighin on Frenchman's Beea Lady 
  11th 18.140                      Susan Ryan on Zanc                        
  12th 18.152                      Katie Combs on Billy                      
  13th 18.321                      Ashlynn Kneib on Breezin Dashed           
  14th 18.374                      Devi Knutson on Tas Ima Sugar Gilo        
  15th 18.408                      Mary Meyer on Rowdy                       
  16th 18.481                      Bobbie Reeves on Zinc Oxide               
  17th 18.532                      Deb Kopak on Doc Dunnits                  
  18th 18.711                      Christi Young on My Dandy Britches        
  19th 18.819                      Shelby Nanna on Freckled N Rockin         
  20th 18.872                      Susan Ryan on Royal Crack Shot            
  21st 18.896                      Tristin Wadsworth on Sierra's Rickashay   
  22nd 19.047                      Mariah Bradstreet on Deltas Montana Badge 
  23rd 19.093                      Maddy Tufts on Karma                      
  24th 20.243                      Megan Tutvedt on Peppy                    
  25th 20.330                      Kathryn Franklin on Frosty Sun Day Guy    
  26th 21.601                      Brooke Wilson on Moves Easy with Wiskey   
N/T    916.059                     Cherrish Olson on TS A Royal Frost        
N/T    916.218                     Carissa Stoner on Weavers Spring Frost "M 
N/T    916.326                     Josie Jakeway on Ama Tuff Tule            
N/T    916.335                     Tamara Barnhart on Jets Shiner            
12:04 PM 06/18/17      Barrel Race America, Version 12.6               Page 4   
                 ACBRA NBHA 4D Jackpot in Saturday Open Race 2               
N/T    916.354                     Effie Clairmont on Diamond Promise Ring   
N/T    916.426                     Sheila Manley on Im Easy on the Money     
N/T    916.440                     Caitlin Pighin on Joaks Legacy            
N/T    916.590                     Sam Moulding on Ima Perfect Chance        
N/T    916.608                     Tammy Carpenter on Specially Oakie (Bubbl 
N/T    916.643                     Dede Mikowski on Way Too Quick            
N/T    916.746                     Kim Albertoni on Mr Salty Reed            
N/T    916.756                     Gail Thomson on Major Perks               
N/T    916.976                     Tami Moyer on NBC Royal Dasher            
N/T    917.038                     Allison Darrow on Colonel's Playing Poker 
N/T    917.052                     Randi Brown on Reo April's Fool           
N/T    917.085                     Lynnsey Dreiling on Dont U Sass Me        
N/T    917.119                     Shaleen Eash on This Day is Fine          
N/T    917.152                     Barbie Reagan-Powell on Jose Speck of Coa 
N/T    917.262                     Ashley Coyne on Saphire                   
N/T    918.139                     Ireland Root on Salty's Dash 4 Perks      
N/T    918.777                     Kristi Dixon on Fender                    
N/T    923.548                     Julie Brown on Peppys Magic Mocha         
N/T    999.999                     Shaleen Eash on Cowboy                    
N/T    999.999                     Laurie Turner on Colonel Buck Oak         
N/T    999.999                     Jolene Burke on Bobcat Baby (Lola)